6th Annual

"The family party vibe of this festival is probably no surprise as Rock the Farm, which took place in Seaside Heights on Saturday, is the musical version of a Mom and Pop store....It was surreal, at one point, to look to the back of the venue and see children dancing in the foam while at the same time the grandparent brigade was at the front of the stage dancing to the music of their youth — both groups equally ecstatic and living in the moment." - Helen O'Shea, NJArts.net


100% Tax Contribution

All proceeds benefit CFC Loud N Clear Foundation.

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The Cause

CFC Loud N Clear Foundation 501c3



CFC Loud n Clear Foundation 501c3 is a grassroots New Jersey registered nonprofit Recovery Community Organization (RCO) providing a model relapse prevention program that supports all pathways to recovery through peer driven and operated programs. CFC has proudly assisted over 7,500 families since 2012. They currently offer programs and sober living homes in Monmouth & Ocean County. 

The butterfly memorial garden

At every festival, CFC creates a butterfly memorial garden where families and friends may find peace in nature among over 500 live butterflies. We decorate the garden with photos of loved ones lost. The butterflies are released at sunset. If you wish to include a memory of your loved one in the garden, please email all photos and information to info@healingus.org ♡

Thank you to our friends

Special thank you to all 150 volunteers and photographers who help us make this event happen and capture the moments. 

Our Photographers 

All photos used on this site are taken by incredible local photographers.

Click on the photo below to view their personal pages. 

(From Left to Right) Simply Photography, Lee Silverstone Photography, Coucou Photography, John Posada Photography, James Withrow, Telefoto Inc. (Alphonse Telymonde)