Butterfly Memorial Garden 


Submit photos of your loved one by emailing them to info@healingus.org


Created in 2015, the Butterfly Memorial Garden is a sacred place for families and loved ones to gather in remembrance of their loved ones lost to addiction. The garden is covered in colorful flora, comfortable seating, and over 300 monarch butterflies. This is a special place to find solitude and reflect on memories. All butterflies are released in a special ceremony at sunset. This years garden will be expanded to two 20 x 20ft. tents and include a water feature. Our 'Zen Zone' will be moved to the sand. Chakra Bowl Meditation will still take place in the Butterfly Memorial Garden.

There are paper hearts available to add your loved one to the garden or you may submit a photo to info@healingus.org before the festival.  


"One of the most poignant experiences of the day was visiting the “Butterfly Garden,” a tent festooned with photos of loved ones lost to addiction. There were 129 in all, most of whom were so very young and should have been attending music festivals, not forming part of a beautiful memorial at one.

The Butterfly Garden also provided some disturbing statistics, not least of all the fact that the heroin death rate in New Jersey is more than three times the national average. A call to action, maybe?" - Helen O'Shea